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Cabin Fever Ice Sculptures

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever

So what the heck do you do on a cold winter day in Pa and you have Cabin Fever? Well you can always Google the term. Thank goodness I found something !!! So it was watching the movie Cabin Fever or going to Crystal Cabin Fever in Lakeville Pa. I decided to go later in the day. I expected to see fewer people and was hoping to find some cool ice sculptures.

After going to Blue Mountain a few weekends ago, I wanted to challenge myself taking images of ice. It’s not the easiest assignment. Ice has a high reflectivity so I brought along my two remote flashes with a blue gel and trek pod. I wish I had my other stuff… Anyway I was able to get some great images.

A little about this gem. These guys are really creative an put an enormous about of time into their passion. Free hot chocolate.. art… ice slides..friendly people and chainsaws !!!! A true combination for a great afternoon. Admission is $10.00

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