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Cabin Fever!


As just about everyone in North Texas is confined to their homes to wait out this freeze that has stopped the whole area in its tracks, say a prayer for all of those who have to be out driving tonight and until the roads are safe again. Several churches have canceled all services and events tomorrow, so call or check out your church's website before trying to brave the elements.

One other aspect of icy winter weather - especially in Texas where we're not that used to it - is cabin fever. Tempers get short, time starts to crawl, and that cold, white stuff outside isn't quite as new and exciting. It's only been two days so far so hopefully it hasn't set in yet. So take this time to enjoy your family, play some games, or finish decorating for Christmas. I've got my Christmas tree halfway done, but the garland and the miniature church and houses on the mantle are done!

Most importantly, stay safe, stay in your homes, and make sure your children and elderly are warm and taken care of. And don't forget your pets, too!