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Cabela's mini tool

Affordable price, compact design, efficient tools and ease of use describe this handy little pocket tool from Cabela’s.  Unlike the heavier and larger full size multi-tools on the market, this one is small enough to use as a key chain yet all of the tools perform much like you would expect from the larger models.

The mini tool includes six top quality tools including a highly innovative LED light.  The other tools are: a wood saw, bottle opener, phillips screw driver, straight edge knife, and a needle nose pliers.

The LED light, although small, packs a lot of brightness to easily light up a path in front of you or find the key hole for your vehicle or house.  It runs off four small button batteries similar to those that operate a watch. This feature alone is probably the most versatile of the bunch and should be greatly appreciated for those that find themselves in a situation where some compact light is needed.

The needle nose pliers are spring loaded and compact enough to use in just about any situation.  This alone would qualify as a handy addition to anyone’s tackle box but its uses shouldn’t be confined to just fishing.

All in all the Cabela’s mini multi-tool makes an excellent addition to any outdoors person or just a handy tool to use around the house.


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