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C2E2 Reveal: Thor and Loki have a sister from Spawn

Thor and Loki's sister Angela
Thor and Loki's sister Angela

Ever since Angela made her debut in Marvel's 2013 Age of Ultron event, fans have wondered why the Neil Gaiman created warrior was introduced at all. It was announced today at C2E2, that Angela’s backstory will be revealed in Original Sin and she is Odin’s daughter thus making her Loki and Thor’s sister. Wolverine and the X-Men writer Jason Aaron will team up with Al Ewing to write the Thor issues of Original Sin.

Angela was created by Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlene in 1993 in the creator-owned popular comic Spawn. Gaiman won a lawsuit against McFarlene for the rights to the character and subsequently sold her to the Marvel Universe upon his return to the company in 2013. Angela was quickly established into the Guardians of the Galaxy books soon after her debut in Age of Ultron #10. Now she has her eyes set on Asgard.

The Original Sin event will reveal many hidden secrets that will reshape the Marvel Universe. In the limited-series, The Watcher is killed by a mysterious assailant who now possesses his eye which is capable of seeing into hidden truths. Does this mean Angela is an Asgardian? Lots of questions will be answered as Original Sin continues.