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C2E2 day two breakdown: And the masses showed up in "Force"

C2E2, Chicago's answer to comic conventions done right, opened it's second day to huge crowds of people. Everyone knew Saturday would be big, but wow did they come. It was as if a bell sounded at ten a.m. and throngs of folks dressed as Batman, Spawn, Waldo, Daleks, and more charged the convention floor. So let me break down some of the highlights of the day, and did I find a Princess Leia?

The search continues for Princess Leia wearing her slave costume aka: Slutty Leia.... here's a Storm Trooper but no Leia.
Kevin Hannon / KaBoom Entertainment / Houston
C2E2 Day 2
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Saturdays, as everyone knows who goes to these things is always the most crowded but it's also the day of the best costumes and biggest panels. Fan Village sponsored a Steampunk forum and a talk on Dr. Who. The cool thing about the Fan Village is that it's just inside the main doors of the convention center. You don't have to go up the escalators and enter the conventio floor, or go even up to the other levels. It's an easy first stop. Inside, is Cosplayer Triage, sponsored by "We Are Cosplay," a local group committed to artists, fans, and community. Cosplayers on there way up to the main area can stop in and get some fixes to their costume if it has an issue. While there, I saw a mini-Thor getting fixed up. Also inside are the 501's, Star Wars enthusiasts, board games, and more. Definitely, a nice addition to the convention experience.

Headliner, Crystal Reed, and Tyler Posey from the MTV hit, "Teen Wold" made an appearance in the large ballroom. While the room wasn't at capacity, it had a high percentage of teen age girls. When they called for questions from the audience immediately about 100 young ladies jockeyed for the pull position on the question mics. There was no way the two actors were going to get to the all of the questions, and to make things worse Posey complained numerously, that he had to pee. At times he was squirming in his pants, and you could literally see the pee leaking out his eye-balls as he answered question after question from the adoring fans, all of which were female but one guy.

Second up in the big room were three actors from "Lost Girl." But before they could come out on stage audience members had to suffer through a commercial and rhetoric on how, where, and why they should buy Lost Girl S-3 Dvd's. You can't blame the Lost Girl machine for wanting to make money, but the sweet talker host was more annoying than anything else. He had that whiny, LA persona-thing going against him, and audience members lost interest quickly. It wasn't until Kris Holden-Reid, K.C. Collins, and "Trick" Rick Howland came out onto the stage that fans regained their excitement. All three discussed the fast shooting schedule of the show, generally taking a week or even six days to complete. Rick Howland played a song from his I-Phone that he released to Itunes, sounded a bit like folk or country music, and honestly his voice wasn't half bad.

Meanwhile, just a few doors down was again the Sci-Fi speed dating event, and let me tell you, it was even more crowded than the day before. They had to rearrange the seating to get everyone in there, and it was a buzzing mad house when I walked by and peeked in. Never in a million years would I have guessed how popular the event would be.

Cosplayers of course were to be found everywhere but especially out front and just inside the main entrance. I searched diligently for my slave Princess Leia, and I couldn't find one anywhere once again. What gives? That costume is just the one you always see. It's not that I really wanted to see another super heavy chic posing as the Princess, or another teenie tiny one lost in the bikini top but it just does't feel right if you go the entire day and not see a Slave Princess Leia, aka: Slutty Leia. So near the end of my, multiple trips back to the hotel room to deal with a computer issue, internet speed issue, WiFi issue, etc I finally found a lone lady walking through the hotel wearing what else, but a Princess Leia Slave costume. So kudos to you brave one!

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