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C-Stacks Promotes Unity in the Streets with "Money Over Beef"

New England Up Front Flyer
New England Up Front Flyer

One of the biggest deals in music history was when Bryan "Baby" Williams and Ronald "Slim" Williams founders of Cash Money Records signed a deal with major record label Universal. They were able to walk away with an unheard of contract in the music industry at the time because they had already created a buzz around their music so big that Universal had no other option but to give them what they wanted.

Boston Rapper Tyree “C-Stacks” Govan has the same entrepreneurial spirit as Baby and Slim had. C-Stacks has been making music since 1998 building his name by using hard core gorilla marketing and social networking as a tool. He has been able to get his music played on major radio stations from Boston to CT. Hot 93.7’s Kid Fresh gave the seal of approval to C-Stacks sounds when had C-Stacks record a drop for the radio station. Soon everyone in CT was aware of who he was and his name started to ring bells all around the northeast.

C-Stacks is not just a rapper he is a writer, performer and business man. Stacks has started a project called “Money over Beef” which is designed to give other unsigned artists an opportunity to showcase their music. He says, “These showcases that I am putting on is taking artists out of the ghetto and giving them a venue to perform.”

This vision is what sets C-Stacks apart from the rest. Instead of the typical stigma attached to rappers for always beefing and competing against each other he has found a way to flip it and use his energy on promoting positive ways to help other artists. His drive, vision and mission is influencing change in the community and soon his words will be influencing change in the world.


With the industry so cut throat and the sound of Hip Hop changing how do you stand out amongst all the rest?
I stand out because I am not looking for a record deal. I am trying to get the labels to look for me. I don’t want to be messed over by the labels so because I am not sending them my demos instead I am getting them to request my demos. I rely heavily on social marketing and making sure my stuff is all over the internet so that people can search for me on Google.

Who were some of the people in your life who encouraged you to follow your dreams as a professional rapper?
My grandfather was a jazz player. I had 2 friends from the “Wise Guys” that was brought up by Ray Benzno of the Source. They came out in Boston in 1997-98 they were from my projects. When I saw them rapping all over Boston back in the day it motivated me to want to do it. I started with poetry and my cousin encouraged me to turn it into rap. That’s how I started rapping.

When did you start taking your music serious as far as going our performing and or recording?
In 1998 I was on a record label called Ice Man Records that ran from Boston to Brooklyn. We were doing a CD called “Roxbury Ritual” when it came out it got a lot of national exposure. We had a commercial on BET and I also had videos on BNN and a show called “Thug Sound”. It seemed like my career was taking off. My cousin Mr. Sleep heard me rap and he is the one who brought me onto his label.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes, I write all my own music. I wrote the Guns and Roses album which is Hip Hop and R&B. I write both. My cousin Joey Giovanni sings all the R&B that I write. I have been writing all my own music since I started in 1998.

Do you also do any behind the scenes like producing or ghost writing?
I haven’t ghost wrote rap in a while. I use to do it for one of my friends cousins. I do ghost write a lot of R&B though. I ghost wrote a song for Meaja called, “Torn” and I ghost wrote a song for a guy named Bliss.

Tell us about the artist’s showcases that you hold?

The showcases that I am putting on are for a project called MOB which means “Money Over Beef” that I started. The project has run from Boston to CT. I am taking all artists out of the ghetto and giving them a venue to perform. A lot of the venues are giving me the space to do the showcase because I do favors for them and they know I can promote their clubs. The next showcase is August 11, 2010 in Revere, MA. I will be bringing out CT artists named Buck Breeze from New Haven and Lady Law from Waterbury and Born Wise from Hartford. I also have a show featuring CT Terror, Bay Holla, BNE on September 17 or 18th in Quincy, MA.

You have a song that plays on Hot 93.7 tell us about that track and what you had to do to get it played on a major station?
That was the Kid Fresh drop. I was working with Lovely XXL and he sent it over to Kid Fresh. Kid Fresh liked it and the rest is history. But it all came from my man Lovely looking out for me.

What do you have going on now or coming up in the near future?

Right now I am working on Guns & Roses part 2 album. I have been working on some new R&B; I have a new R&B singer that I am going to be working with. I have another that album just came out “The Take Over” with artist Juz Kiddin. Right now it is over seas in Belgium, France. We were just covered in Flavor Magazine in Germany. The article features Jesse Al’ Malik of the Furious 5. I met Jesse through an artist that I collaborated with named Juz Kiddin for “The Take Over” album. I am also working with a girl named ‘Ela Cat she is soon to be my manager out of Germany.

How do people contact your for bookings?
Call me on my cell phone at (860) 372-9531 or or catch me on Facebook/cstacks78


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