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C.L.A.S.S. Act or an alternative that puts you in charge.

Talking with women who care!
Talking with women who care!

What If you become seriously disabled (requiring help with activities of daily living)?

Will you have sufficient income protection while you are working?

Can you continue to protect yourself if you change jobs?

Once you retire, who will decide how you are cared for?

An Insurance Company? A Government Official? Shouldn’t it be you?

Most people use one of three planning strategies for such a likely occurrence.

1. They plan to go bankrupt -

because that’s what Medicare, the most commonly used method for addressing these costs, is all about

2. They plan to have their family care for them and hope they can afford it

3. They plan to allow an insurance company to make their decisions for them

There is an alternative!

  1. A strategy that puts you in control
  2. One which lets you decide how you will be cared for
  3. One which lets you decide where you will be cared for
  4. Most importantly, one which lets you decide who will care for you

Caregivers changes the Dynamic

For the first time there’s a benefit that meets your needs, at all stages of your life

  • Caregivers™ is a unique solution, providing you with critical protection-while you work, as you change jobs and once you retire.
  • If an individual becomes disabled (and requires help with activities of daily living)

Caregivers™ pays a meaningful, long term, monthly benefit which is tax-free and can be used for any purpose.

Supplements Income while you work -- Ideal for employers, employees, the self-employed and entrepreneur

Requires no employer sponsorship, available as an individual, tax deductible (up to IRS limits)

One plan protects you throughout your life

Stays with you as you change jobs, protects your care needs as you age

Lets you remain at home if you require care

Pay anyone, even family members and friends, to care for you


  • Pays a benefit anywhere in the world

Leaves you in control

  • You decide who will care for you and where



  • Augment existing disability coverage. -It’s a cash benefit, not an expense reimbursement -Use it for homecare, as an income supplement, or for every day bills
  • Portable -stays with you between jobs and after you retire. -Unlike traditional disability insurance
  • Pay your spouse or a loved one to care for you, not an unknown care provider.
  • Stay at home, under the care of those who love you.
  • Maintain your lifestyle, your dignity and control of your life.

The Government's Program which is part of the Health Care Reform has benefits,

but nothing that compares to Caregivers Program. You decide who should make the decision for you.

An Insurance Company? A Government Official?

Shouldn’t it be you?

For more information please log on to: and click the Learn More & Questions Link. The Silver Tsunami is coming. This year alone 78 million baby boomers will turn 65. Are you prepared?

Lois Trader - Caring about your heart health means caring about your long term care!


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