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C/FAN fashion preview

A'Sia by Fab Studio jewelry
A'Sia by Fab Studio jewelry

C/FAN Designs at the Dubhe Carreno Galleries

On Thursday, February 11th, I had the pleasure of attending the breathtaking C/FAN fashion preview for Autumn/Winter 2010 at Dubhe Carreno Galleries.  The gallery is located at 118 North Peoria.  It is a great place to visit, with floors filled with one of a kind pieces.  The interior itself is aesthetically pleasing, and the art is beautifully displayed.

The evening started off with free champagne and wine as well as delicious nosh.  The music was spinning to get everyone in the mood for the fashion show, a pulsing mix of musicians inlcuding the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Feist.  A'Sia by Fab Studio displayed her jewelry on models located at the back of the gallery.  The jewelry was breathtaking to say the least, cascading down the fronts of the looks by C/FAN.

A'Sia by Fab Studio jewelry

Guests began filtering in around 7PM, and the show started at 8:30.  The music, the jewelry, and the art set up the mood for the show.  The attitude of the models as well as the make-up and hair design let us know that C/FAN was going to blow our minds and smile while doing it.

We weren't disappointed.  White back lit umbrellas cascaded rom the ceiling down the half of the room (see the slidewhow).  They provided the outline of the runway and the lighting.  The models came out three at a time.  Instead of marching down the runway, they posed around an amazing sculpture by Anne Drew Potter and continued to contort into several different poses.  Not only was this layout refreshing, it allowed the press there to get a really good look at the garments as well as see the way each piece moved on the body.  After the models posed, they took turns walking to the end of the runway to give everyone at the back a better view of the pieces.  After all, the gallery was packed.

The collection featured amazing washed silk pants, blazers, and dresses that rippled with movement.   The color palette consited of black, merlot, forrest green, and shades of gray.  Each look was well thought out and constructed.

Christina Fan with  Factor models at the end of the show

After the show, Christina Fan rejoined the party to take pictures with her models and receive all of the accolades that were due her.  Her collection was soft and strong, perfect for the on-the-go woman who desires immpeccably made clothing that can easily shift from day wear to a night on the town.

After the event, several of the guests headed over to J Bar for champagne and networking.  The preview was amazing, and the level of fashion that night was on a level that I haven't seen since Chicago Fashion Week in the Fall. 

Men and women were dressed in fashions that described their own personalities.  Many came dressed in all black including yours truly and Ryan M. Beshel of Julie Darling Inc and The Bowtie Memoirs fame.

GenArt sponsored the amazing event C/FAN is a strong and breezy look that is sure to catch the eyes of the Chicago fashion scene sooner rather than later.



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