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C. Alexander London's 'Dog Tags: Prisoners of War' shows an unlikely friendship

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If you liked the story of “Saving Zasha” by Randi Barrow about dogs used in the war effort of World War II, you’ll love this next one.

C. Alexander London’s “Dog Tags: Prisoners of War” is a riveting read set during the Second World War. This third book in a series of how dogs were involved in the war effort shows great drama, high stakes, and surviving together is better for soldiers and dogs alike.

Miguel is a medic in the US Army. Stationed in a remote Belgian forest during War II, he is expecting a quiet tour of duty. But the Nazis have other ideas. They launch a surprise attack…one that separates Miguel from his entire division.

Alone and lost in enemy territory, Miguel discovers an abandoned dog, left behind by German forces. The dog could be just the ally Miguel needs to get out of the forest alive. There’s just one catch. This dog has been trained by the Nazis to see Miguel (and his uniform) as the enemy. Can this young soldier teach an old dog some new tricks? Their survival will depend on it.

C. Alexander London writes a realistic novel where the drama and adventure runs high. Dog lovers, military buffs, and survivors will love this story.