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Bynes cheek piercing looks painful in new photo

Bynes cheek piercing made its fabulous debut on Tumblr this week. The shiny new piece of jewelry adorns the face of the troubled young actress in a recent photo. Although the position of the metal stud looks particularly painful, Amanda Bynes is smiling happily in the picture that she shared with her fans. According to a Jan. 16, 2013 report by The Huffington Post about the 26-year-old "self-proclaimed retired multi-millionaire," the stud is situated on her left dimple.

In the photo of Amanda Bynes's cheek piercing, the young former actress is sporting a pair of oversize sunglasses and a light blue button-down shirt with gold accents that look like autumn leaves. The wires from a pair of headphones dangle from her ears. Her blond hair is perfectly straightened, and her makeup is perfectly applied. In fact, she looks like the picture of health and contentment in the new picture, which appears to have been taken in a car.

Amanda Bynes's cheek piercing is a bold new look for the celebrity. Do you like it? Check out the video at the top of the page for more details.


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