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By the blue tiled walls near the market: Paseo Arts Festival 2014 slideshow

Ok. No matter how old this writer is (pushing 52) , every trip to Paseo brings on so many positive memories.

By the blue tiled walls near the market stalls....... That is the old Macrame Cafe entry These are glass sculptures

The Paseo Arts Festival, now in it's 38th year is such an expansive event and so many things to see and do around every corner. The winding streets, the duck in doorways and galleries, the colors the textures are all so vibrant and immediate.... and just a little mystical.

In the rain on Sunday, snapping shots and listening to bands, the lyrics of this song came to mind... and have before in Paseo..... Paseo is just so poetic, with or without festivals, and the camera eye finds all kinds of art, musicians, people, architecture, Oklahoma sky and the sidewalk interesting.... every time.

Try a listen here before looking at the slide show, if you haven't already.

Here is Al Stewart and his band performing live "The Year of the Cat" a huge hit in the 1970's.

Heavy on the grand piano like waves cresting on rocks and sand. ..... and the all important saxophone that re-directs you to the melody again.... very haunting with and without lyric. ( and played on which originated in 1976).

See the lyrics below the clip, if this song is not familiar. Just see if these things magically appear in Paseo........... 'By the blue tiled walls, near the market stalls... there's a hidden door ........"

This is a second duo acoustic version, for those wondering about Mr. Stewart recents. The recognizable lead in, for the song doesn't begin until about 2:44 on a 9 minute run. for the set

Any festival is great for a first date............(BTW Red Earth is next

Like going to museums, festivals allow for a benign activity that can be enriching and it is not a stationary activity. One gets to experience the event at will, think and talk ... spontaneously interfacing with what the environment brings and your chosen company. OKC has some don't miss things. ( Paseo Arts Festival is annually reinventing itself, and is one of those things.

The Oklahoma City Paseo Arts Festival has no admissions fee. Parking is at the 36th Street and North Walker, with a free shuttle carrying patrons into the area. This area is older, and cramped for space in bordering streets. For pedestrian safety, ecology and convenience it is recommended to walk, bike or shuttle in.

The event, though perfect for the above is, as the slideshow expresses full of things for all ages and is heavily attended by all groups.

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