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Buy local fermented foods in the Twin Cities from Angelica’s Garden

Angelica's Garden
Angelica's Garden
Mary Thomas

Fermented foods such as Sauerkraut and Kim Chi contain natural probiotics which can greatly enhance healthy gut bacteria. Studies have shown eating fermented food regularly can significantly improve health conditions including:

• Improving intestinal tract health
• Enhancing immune system
• Reducing symptoms of lactose intolerance
• Reducing risk of certain types of cancers
• Preventing gastrointestinal problems
• Alleviating allergies and eczema
• Helping to protect against irritable bowel syndrome
• Helping to alleviate diarrhea

Not all sauerkrauts and fermented foods should be considered the same. Many traditional mass-marketed types of sauerkraut typically do not go through the proper fermenting process necessary to produce optimal levels of bacteria. The best option is to make your own, but that can be time consuming and require space.

Luckily there is another great option that can be purchased from a local producer. Located only an hour away, Angelica’s Garden supplies local Twin Cities’ co-ops with many of her delicious products including: Properly fermented sauerkraut, Kim Chi (Asian flavored sauerkraut), Cortido (Mexican flavored sauerkraut), and various types of Kvass (a fermented drink).

Angelica’s Garden’s farming practices meets or exceeds organic certification standards and all products are made with non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients.

Click HERE for Twin Cities’ co-op locations that carry Angelica’s Garden products

Benefits of fermented foods

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