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By any other name a rose would smell as sweet

The scent of roses
The scent of roses
Photo by Gregory Son

There are few things better than rose water. It is enjoyed for both it’s aromatic properties and it’s delicate flavor. Rose water is distilled from rose petals.

Rose water has been used throughout the world for many purposes beside its obvious use in perfumes. It is used in many cosmetic and medicinal preparations, as well as in religious rituals. It lends a lovely, light taste to various Middle Eastern recipes such as Baklava (a multi-layered pastry of Filo dough, walnuts and honey), and it can be found in many sweets and desserts.

Los Angeles is home to so many people who originate from all over the world, that one can find rose water at their local liquor store for use in fancy cocktails, and at Persian, Turkish, and Israeli markets where it is used in making candy and in ice cream.

At the cosmetic counter, the French discovered the skin-conditioning affects when rose water is added. It makes hand creams, lotions, and moisturizers all more luxurious and fragrant.

Now that we are just starting the summer season here on the west coast, rose water is a terrific addition to outdoor activities. After a day of swimming and playing in the hot sun, use a light, gentle spray of a rose water solution. Just blend two to three tablespoons of rose water into four cups of distilled water. Place the mixture into an empty spray bottle and refrigerate. How cooling this feels on arms, legs and even faces! Also, it will calm and condition the skin.

For one of the most refreshing summer drinks try adding a couple of teaspoons of rose water into your favorite lemonade. It will not only quench a fierce thirst, but it’s wafting fragrance will seem to transport you to exotic locals where time is of no concern. Perhaps, it will take you to a place where bills and all kinds of other worries no longer exist. It might even help you to find heaven right here on earth!

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