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Buzzfeed's Photo Response To SCOTUS' Hobby Lobby Decision

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The Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Hobby Lobby case is still causing quite a ruckus, and with good reason. Employers can now exclude all types of birth control medication from coverage in employee health insurance, the decision says, which can directly affect all of the 15.4 million American women who use prescription contraceptives.

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Even worse, this decision completely overlooks that those contraceptives are used for many other purposes aside from birth control alone. In fact, 58 percent of women using prescription birth control do so for alternate reasons, including endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and even skin conditions.

The public is upset with SCOTUS’ decision, too, as a majority think no company should be able to restrict insurance coverage of any type of contraceptive. Just like an employer can't tell an employee where to spend the money he or she earns, so too should an employer not be able to restrict the type of insurance coverage a worker gets, either. That benefit (for which the employer gets to skip out on additional employment taxes) is the property of the employee alone.

And the ladies who work for social media giant Buzzfeed didn't take that recent Supreme Court decision too lightly, either. And to demonstrate their opinions, they gave a classic photo-message response on their website on July 16. They state their arguments with pride, poise, and poignancy. Check out their photos by clicking on the picture in the top-left of this page.

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