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Buzzcocks headlines Saturday at Ink-n-Iron

Once upon a time, loyal reader, I went to Musink at the OC Fairgrounds. It's one of a couple annual festivals centered around music and tattoos. The venues at the fairgrounds are a lot like Club Mesa (which became The Detroit Bar and is soon to be a gastropub). The year that I attended, Buzzcocks was one of the bands I went to see. Now, I'm no rookie when it comes to shows or Buzzcocks. I knew what I was in for. At least that's what I thought. So as Buzzcocks began the set, I put my silicone earplugs in. I would see later what a futile effort that was. The volume produced by the band in the venue was incredible. As a friend of mine put it when he saw the venue, "Did it even sound like music, or did it just sound like a jet taking off for 45 minutes?"

One of many great reasons to go to Ink-n-Iron this weekend
Ian Rook

That is about as succinct an explanation as I could give of what was the loudest show I've ever attended. I don't say that as a complaint, but as a mere statement of fact. Here is the equation. Take one very loud band. Put it in an enclosed venue with concrete floors, and what you get is something that completely overpowers silicone earplugs...and quite possibly jet engines. But the abuse to the ears (my ears rang for at least a day) is worth it because Buzzcocks is one of the classic punk bands.

Why do I tell you that story? Well, it's because you can see Buzzcocks at another music and tattoo festival this weekend. The band headlines Ink-n-Iron on Saturday night. The show is outside, so your silicone earplugs might just stand a chance against the volume. Of course, this band is only one of several bands to see this weekend, not to mention the custom cars, tattoo artists, and pinup girls.

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