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Buzz continues for 'Fault in Our Stars' as it opens big on Thursday

"Fault in Our Stars" opens big and should win the weekend.
Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

UPDATE: "Fault in Our Stars" opened big on Friday and is beating expectations. The $26 million Friday did surprise many and it crushed the opening for "Edge of Tomorrow," which was at $10.2 million.

Tom Cruise hopes tomorrow comes when it means going to his latest movie, "Edge of Tomorrow." But it will certainly be a tissue movie that keeps Cruise from the top.

"Fault in Our Stars" stars two young actors who have already shared screen time together in "Divergent." Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort are Hazel and Gus, who fall in love after meeting at a cancer support group. It has already banked $8.2 million from the Thursday showings. That easily beat "Edge of Tomorrow," which pulled in a paltry $1.8 million.

Variety reports that the figure does represent a special event called "Night Before Our Stars." They also noted that it is expected to fetch around $35 million for the weekend. Others had it higher and the studio thinks lower.

In what is already being described as another "Groundhog Day," but with a war angle, "Edge" has William Cage (Cruise) living the same battle over and over again. But, with a catch. As if he is in a video game, the main character can change elements along the way, as if he is building lifelines or points — to get to the next level. The next level here is the next day, and life.

But, perhaps more people said they saw and loved "Groundhog Day" than actually did. Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton also star. What could help it is the idea that it is not a sequel or a superhero film. It may be different enough to stand out, but also may be the perfect movie to simply ignore. Right now, the ignoring part is taking shape.

Now, back to "Fault in Our Stars." It is exactly what one thinks. A Lifetime movie-style film aimed for the heartstrings. Based off the best-seller, it is meant to be a tear-jerker, while being predictable in nature, but it may just work — especially for the younger audiences. If early indicators play a role, it should be a big winner. The book was read by millions and early ticket sales are proving worthy.

This movie will be a huge test for social media. "Fault in Our Stars" is playing big on social media and early sales are pushing it higher and higher. A film that can generate buzz like this is so far paying off.

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