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Buying Your BJJ GI

Buy Your Gi
Ed LeMonnier, HenryBJJ

The BJJ Gi is a lot more than the uniform that you train or compete in and everyone has a different preference as to what they like.

You have the STANDARD WEAVES: Single, Gold, and Double then you through in the Gi Manufacture’s WEAVES such as Pearl, Platinum, Diamond, and Honeycomb.

SINGLE WEAVE - These are cheap and light, perfect for someone starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and may not have the money to spend on a gi. They are less durable than higher weave gis but are lightweight, dry quickly, and are a good gi for training in extreme heat or in the summer.

DOUBLE WEAVE - These are thick, stiff, and heavy. Since they are thicker, they are more difficult for your opponent to grab but may pose a challenge if you are trying to make weight for a tournament as many tournaments have adapted the IBJJ standard of weighing competitors in their gi prior to their match.

GOLD WEAVE – This would be considered a hybrid between the Single and Double Weave. Offering the durability of the Single Weave without the added weight of the Double Weave, the Gold Weave Gi is perfect for those on a limited Jiu Jistsu Budget that want to train AND compete.

OTHER WEAVES - Pearl, Platinum, Diamond, and Honeycomb reflect the names of the weaves given by their respected manufacture.


With a greater emphasis placed on weight cutting for tournaments, most of the major gi manufacturers have started offering a lighter gi. In addition to being lighter than the GOLD and DOUBLE Weave, the Ultra Light Weave dries faster – allowing you to get back to training faster!

You will find gis offering RIP STOP Weave in the Ultra Light category that offers a reduced weight but does not sacrifice strength and durability.

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