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Buying Seed: Top Organic Seed Sellers

Take the time to pick out great organic seeds... They make the difference
Take the time to pick out great organic seeds... They make the difference
David Stillwell

Like many avid gardeners, Winter is a great time to comb through the seed catalogs and dream about what to plant come Spring. During that process, think about planting plants that will help your garden to grow and be bountiful. One of the easy ways is to consider plants that attract pollinators. The following are a few seed companies that have proven to be awesome partners in my own garden.

organic gardening means starting with great seeds.
David Stillwell

When looking to start your spring organic gardening off on the right foot you may want to consider finding organic seeds that are good at attracting pollinators. Finding the best seeds for pollinators can be a really fun part of preparing your garden. Botanical Interests based out of Broomfield, CO offers over 600 seed varieties in it's catalog. This includes some wonderful early season plants, like English lavender, to help keep those helpful little pollinators coming back all through the spring and summer months. The company also offer a great variety of interesting fruits and veggies including: Sugar Baby watermelon, baby round zucchini, mescun mixes and other top-of-the-line herbs. Botanical Interests also conveniently ships all of their organic seeds via USPS or FedEx to ensure quality and swift delivery.

Another great option for spring gardening is the Sustainable Seed Company. On your journey to finding the best organic seeds on the market, Sustainable Seed Co. acts as a great source for grains, alfalfa, Pequin peppers and more. Prehaos is one of the most eco-friendly suppliers and a great leader in organic gardening, Sustainable Seed Co. utilizes a facility powered by wind turbines and solar collectors to produce their organically farmed lineup. An idea that sits very nicely with Sacramento organic gardens.

With one of the largest seed catalogs available today, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds of Mansfield, MO is arguably the top source for organic gardening in the US. The husband and wife team behind Baker Creek work together, traveling the world in search of rare herbs, flowers and heirloom vegetables. They currently offer over 1,600 varieties of open-pollinated, non-GMOs in their catalog. The company is passionate in it's stance against genetic engineering and dedicates a great deal of it's resources to education and the protection traditional crops. All orders from Baker Creek are shipped via USPS or FedEx expedited shipping to ensure speedy and quality delivery. A tried and trusted friend to Sacramento organic gardens.

When it comes to finding great organic seeds for your Sacramento organic garden this year, Seed Savers Exchange is a well respected, non-profit offering some of the more rare and endangered seed varieties available today. They have a huge catalog available with over 70 varieties of tomatoes, 32 varieties of squash and 23 varieties of cucumbers. As leaders in organic gardening and heirloom crops, Seed Savers Exchange offers open-pollinated seeds that may be saved by farmers and used again the following year without running into any legal trouble from Monsanto. Gardeners and farmers who are interested in becoming members of the Seed Savers Exchange non-profit organization can sign-up on their website or simply help out by making a charitable donation to the cause.

Take the time to pick out great seeds from great companies and your garden will thrive. Good plants that produce a lot of produce start with great seeds. Organic seeds make all the difference. If you have not done so yet, give them a try.