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Buying secondhand provides unique opportunities

Purchased at a Goodwill in West Virginia
Purchased at a Goodwill in West Virginia

If the grunge look made a comeback now, it would be perfect timing. Hand-me-down, mended flannel shirts would actually be in style. Work boots would be considered appropriate footwear everywhere. Sneakers and backpacks would travel from owner to owner and get better with every trade. Even shampoo would be optional.

But, unfortunately, this affordable fad isn't coming back anytime soon. Modern society is a contradiction of economic depression and label obsession. We want to dress in designer creations but can't afford to.

One suggestion is to buy labels, but buy them secondhand. When shopping at Goodwill or yard sales, only pick the best. Don't compromise with a store brand or a faded sweater. Look for designer merchandise in good shape. This is a fun way to build a unique and stylish wardrobe. Here are a few tips to remember when shopping used:

  • Check for stains, missing buttons and tears.
  • Be realistic when it comes to size. Don't get stuck with something that's too small.
  • Don't buy brown shirts that were once black.
  • Avoid sweaters with a lot of lint balls.
  • Check jeans for unintentional holes, broken zippers and missing embellishments.

The grunge look may not be back (maybe in ten years), but that doesn't mean being fashionable has to cost a fortune.


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