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Buying Roseville pottery around Charlotte, what it is and what it's worth?

Roseville pottery at auction
Roseville pottery at auction
FDM Unlimited

CHARLOTTE, NC- Amateur collector’s throughout the greater Charlotte area often pose the question, is it better to go to a local auction or bid on EBay?

Of course the answer to that question must in the end be determined by the buyer. We’ve found that often the best deals are at local auctions where the number of bidders is limited by geography. In addition, you have the opportunity to preview an item; look at it, examine it and perhaps most importantly see the real color of an item that has not been distorted as in a photograph.

For our most recent “what is it and what’s it worth” we’ve chosen this wonderful Roseville jardinière. Of course Roseville is one of the most collectible types of pottery. Their subtle and traditional colors make them timeless and since they have mostly stayed away from trendy design, the pieces usually hold their value even through these tough times.

The bowl we’re considering is from the Peony collection. Not as popular as some such as the “pinecone” collection, the Peony series is not nearly as pricey as that collection however.

A Roseville 6” Peony jardinière sold recently at Clover, SC’s Broadwell & Associates auction for $60. One of the unique things about Broadwell is that they do auction “previews” at their warehouse located at 103 Hagan Street in Clover (about 20 minutes West of Charlotte). Then they hold the auctions on-line where you bid for your items. If you are the winner, you can pick up the items at the warehouse at a predetermined time. Broadwell's website

By comparison, an identical Roseville Peony Jardinière is being offered on EBay currently for $125. Roseville here Add to that the shipping fee of $25 and you can see why many collectors choose to “go local” over buying from an unknown vendor.

As always we hope that whether you are a buyer, seller, or “just looking” you’ll enjoy your antique experience. In this case, you could have paid $60 and bought a wonderful piece of Roseville pottery that you’d seen and admired from local folks; or you could pay $125 - $150 for the same item on-line and rolled the dice. Not a hard choice for this antique dealer.

When you are shopping, always remember:

“A bad vase doesn’t break.”

-Latin Proverb

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