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Buying legal marijuana proved deadly for 37 people according to bogus report

Marijuana became legal for recreational use, and due to a report there is a question about its safety.
Marijuana became legal for recreational use, and due to a report there is a question about its safety.
Photo by Theo Stroomer/Getty Images

According to Daily Currant on Jan 2nd, the report of nearly 40 people dying due to an overdose on marijuana on Jan 1st is false. According to the report, they stated that the state of Colorado was reconsidering its legalization on recreational marijuana following the death of residents after taking the drug.

The day the state legalized recreational marijuana, according to the report, several people had cardiac arrest and were ‘hanging on to life by a thread”. The report went on to say that by the end of the week, they may see as many as 200-300 deaths, all because of a marijuana overdose.

After sending thousands, probably more like millions of people in a panic, it was declared a hoax. Many people believed it to be a true story. On social media, there are many people warning their loved ones to not purchase any marijuana, fearing for their lives. The original story about people dying from a marijuana overdose had 11,000 likes on Facebook within just a few hours.

In the first 36 hours of legalized marijuana in Colorado, not one person has perished due to an overdose. The fake story even went so far to quote a fake doctor.

It’s complete chaos here, I've put five college students in body bags since breakfast and more are arriving every minute. We are seeing cardiac arrests, hypospadias, acquired trimethylaminuria and multiple organ failures. By next week the death toll could go as high as 200, maybe 300. Someone needs to step in and stop this madness. My god, why did we legalize marijuana? What were we thinking?

The doctor’s name according to the report was Jack Shephard. The hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center, released a statement saying, “there is no doctor by the name of Jack Shephard that works for the facility”.

Jack Shephard was a character on the hit TV show “Lost”. The diseases the fake doctor listed the patents having were nothing o do with cardiac or deadly inflictions. Hyposadia is a birth defect around the penis. And, trimethylaminuria is nothing more than offensive fishy body odor.

There is speculation that many believe this ‘report’ and have not heard the story is a hoax.

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