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Buying Influence

How many times must we be subjected to learning about how the privileged get to live an even more excessively extravagant life than we already know that they do. Well here is another example, just in case you needed more proof of the growing separation between the have and the have-not. Insert...Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen McDonnell. The couple was in a federal court last week to face charges of corruption stemming from lavish gifts, vacation outings, and other goodies totally more than $165,000 received from Jonnie Williams, the former head of Star Scientific Inc., a dietary supplement maker.

In exchange federal prosecutors are accusing the couple of improperly helping to promote Star Scientific`s products. This included arranging a meeting with a state health official, and holding a launch party at the Executive Mansion for one of the company`s signature products. Surely, one would think that after seeing Jessie Jackson Jr. and his wife convicted and marched off to prison on similar charges last year, would at least caution politicians about continuing to participate in this type of behavior. But sadly, this is just another example of how critically broken the political system is in our country.

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