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Buying Ham and Turkey for the Holidays in Framingham

Find ham on sale at local Framingham grocery stores.
Find ham on sale at local Framingham grocery stores.
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So it's the week before Christmas, and time to find ham and turkey for holiday dinners.  Here's a quick review of sales and options in the Framingham area.

Shaw's Supermarket Sales

Shaw's Supermarket in Sudbury (corner of Edgell and Route 20) and in Ashland (corner of Fruit and Route 126) has Cook's Spiral Half Ham and Shaw's Spiral Ham at $.99 per pound through Christmas Eve.

Shade Brook Farms or Jennie-O turkey is $.79 per lb

Stop and Shop Sales

Stop and Shop (corner of Temple and Route 9) has Cook's Spiral Sliced Ham for $1.39 per lb and Shade Brook Farms turkey for $.99 per lb, way more than Shaw's - so head to Shaw's for the better deal.

Honeybaked Ham

In terms of cost, Honeybaked Ham cannot compete with either grocery store, but in terms of taste Honeybaked Ham is better, hands down.  Honeybaked Ham does not use gluten in their ham or glaze, either, for those trying to eat a GF diet or serving gluten free guests, go for the Honeybaked Ham.  Order from the Framingham store by calling 508-626-2300.


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