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Buying guns out of bubble gum machines is now that easy

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Buying guns out of bubble gum machines is now that easy. After the news has sprung out in Colorado with yet another shooting injuring and killing innocent people, this reporter did some investigating on just how easy it is to purchase guns and ammunition over the internet.

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Just by doing a web search, hundreds among thousands of gun suppliers came up with used guns, new guns, police trade-ins and ammunition as far as they eye could see. Surprised about the police gun trade-ins? This reporter was too.

There was one site in particular which for legal reasons the companies name has been kept out of this article, made it easy to purchase guns and ammunition like I was buying a gumball out of a machine. I simply clicked a link that bought me to this guns and ammo site. Their inventory was just overwhelming with more brands then one could imagine. Then, the cart started to fill up as I even changed many of the quantities as high as 500 for ammunition. Nothing came up for rejection or low on stock.

With all websites, one must register to go onto the shopping cart to check out. The only things that were needed to check out were a birthdate, which anyone can forge and your initials in a box along with a credit card and/or Paypal account. When ordering the ammunition, they can be directly shipped to a home address. However, the guns need to be routed to a dealer who has their Federal Firearms License (LLC). This is a charge for this service as well.

Knowing this site is out there and the many more where live ammunition can be delivered right to peoples doors, how safe is anything anymore these days? People can illegally purchase guns off the streets and at many local pawnshops. Buying guns out of bubble gum machines is now really that easy.