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Buying celebrity souls? SoulsRUs sells reaped spirits for $15 like Justin Bieber

Would you want to buy a celebrity soul for only $15 per spirit from a site called SoulsRUS? That includes the allegedly reaped “soul” of such stars as Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey, and even Jennifer Lawrence of “The Hunger Games” movie fame. Mashable News reports on this weird news story this Friday, June 13, 2014, sharing how people now have the ability to go online and buy the “souls” of U.S. celebrities via Etsy for the very low amount, though shipping and handling does cost a little bit more.

Buy or sell celebrity souls for only $15
Twitter Screen Shot, Mashable News

For overzealous fans wanting to have a piece of their favorite celebrities forever, SoulsRUS offers them at a reasonable price. Coming in small mason jars, people can buy the souls of music stars and famous actors and actresses at only $15 per spirit. An additional $5 charge is also added on by the Etsy online shop if you want the soul shipped straight to your door.

Apparently, a majority of their celebrities’ souls are already in high demand and in low stock. SoulsRUs promises that they have been in business selling celebrity souls for quite some time, and know how to capture the very eternal essence of your favorite stars. And, adds the site, they are both compact and affordable, coming in small mason jars.

UPI News notes today that Drake’s soul is still on sale, and a number of people have paid just $15 in the past for the eternal spirits reaped from such celebs as Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Bieber.

Molly Gates, affectionately (or not so much) nicknamed “The Happy Reaper,” says that she specializes in reaping people’s souls. She announces to prospective buyers that she believes her “gifts” of celebrity spirits is a priceless and special souvenir for the ages, and she’s happy to spread the eternal love.

"No matter your reasoning, I don't judge. My hobby is reaping souls, and I do it very well," she writes on the store's page. "I place each one in a stylish mason jar to keep it fresh and out of trouble. Fear not, this jar does not pose a threat to you or your loved ones ... as long as it stays closed."

Gates said that she discovered she was capable of reaping living souls while she was a young girl. Growing up, she learned to hone her strange skill — certainly worthy of weird news — and apparently sell it via SoulsRUs. She said she once had a friend with a pet hamster, though their friendship immediately turned sour once she actually “reaped” its furry little soul.

"I was playing with a childhood friend ... 'reaping' souls of her stuffed animals. You know, kid stuff. Then I got my hands on her hamster, and when I pretended to reap its soul, I actually did it. That friend and I don't talk anymore," Gates told Mashable.

The woman allegedly sold the soul of Justin Bieber cheaply because she wanted him out of her house ASAP. Talk about a deal — for fans of the “Believe” singer, at least. What’s your reaction to this strange buyers’ offerings for only $15 a pop?

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