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Buying a quality stroller is very important for new parents

Phil & Ted's inline buggy with doubles kit
Phil & Ted's inline buggy with doubles kit
Courtesy of Phil & Ted's

A stroller is a big purchase. It is also a very important one for new parents. A stroller will often be used for multiple children and on various terrain. In Vermont and New Hampshire strollers will be used on paved and dirt roads as well as in rain, sunlight and snowy conditions.

Consider you're terrain before buying a stroller. Will you be walking on sidewalks, through narrow aisles or pushing your stroller at a fast pace for exercise? Once you narrow it down buy a quality stroller. It may cost a little more but it will last through more than one child. One favorite is the Phil & Ted's inline buggy. This narrow stroller easily maneuvers city streets, dirt roads and shopping malls, but the best feature is that you can buy a doubles kit to add a second seat behind the first for another child. Instantly you have a double stroller that can easily convert back to a single to best meet your needs. These versatile buggies come in five styles to ensure you get all the extras you need. Suitable from newborn to 5 years this stroller is a great way to avoid buying more than one stroller for your children.

Sprout in Brattleboro, VT and Kiddo in Hanover, NH are both Phil & Ted's retailers.

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