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Buyers cannot wait to move into a haunted home

If the home you wanted to buy was haunted, would you still buy it?
If the home you wanted to buy was haunted, would you still buy it?
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

For most, the thought of living in a haunted house is not their list of dream homes. However, there are those who are more than willing to pay top dollar to purchase and move into a haunted home. So why are these homebuyers to excited to get their hands on a haunted home? Simple. They believe it is unique and cool to share their home with a ghost.

“There are buyers out there that think it’s cool to own a home that may have ghosts,” Cindi Hagley, a real estate agent, told ABC News’ 20/20 in a report released on July 9, 2014. Hagley owns a real estate company in California call Past Life Homes, which specialized in selling of these haunted properties.

In the same 20/20 report, Hagley said that we are currently in a seller’s market throughout all of northern California. “You can have a dead body swimming from the chandelier,” she continued. “I’m still going to have ten offers on the phone.”

Depending upon the age and history of the home, there may be a great chance it could be haunted. Several homes have reported ghostly encounters for generations. These supernatural tenants have called a specific property their home and in most cases, they refuse to leave. Some like the idea of living in a home with a paranormal tenant.

“Some don’t care,” Hagley told ABC and said some still make an offer on the haunted home. “Some expect a huge discount,” she added.

So if you do not mind living in a haunted home, you may be able to get the deal of the century on your dream home. Plus, if you are not wanting to share your home with a ghost, you can still take advantage of the hauntingly low discount you may receive by purchasing a home that is haunted. Then you can call one of the local paranormal groups to help you deal with your unwanted tenant or rid your new home of any paranormal evidence. The choice is yours.

According to a recent survey, 62 percent of Americans have and would consider the through of buying a haunted home and 35 percent have reported they believe to have lived in a haunted house.

Some believe their haunted homes to be inhabited by “friendly” spirits. Jon Gochá told 20/20 that he knows his home is haunted and sees ghosts on a weekly basis in his Los Angeles Home. His home was featured on the Emmy-winning TV show, American Horror Story, and is currently for sale. “Every time I go by the laundry room with the washing machine on I hear conversations,” he said. “People having conversations clear as day.”

For more details about buying a haunted home watch the full story tonight, July 11, 2014, on ABC News’ 20/20 at 10 p.m. ET

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