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Buyer Remorse – Why some Buyers are not able to make the final decision?

I have few clients who been looking at houses for a long period and never able to really make a decision on it. They give some or other excuses even if they find a house exactly what they are looking. I think about them and thought should give up on them but I never and continue to show them houses. Because I hope one day they will get over their fear and remorse effect and make a decision and I want to be there with them to show they can also do it. Meanwhile I work with them periodically to make them think about what they are going through and it’s not unusual. If you are one of those buyers, do read on below.

5 Buyer’s Fears

Fear of change. This is one of the most serious issues that a buyers will ever deal with, and it can have a crippling effect for some people. This explains why so many people don’t move forward at all, rather than deal with their discomfort.

Fear of commitment. There is no such thing as an independent financial decision. Every financial decision we make affects every other financial decision we make, and buyers know this at some intrinsic level. Once the decision is made, it rules out all other choices — and remorse is an immediate sign that the comfort level is not as strong as it needs to be.

Fear of a bad choice. There are so many decisions out there. Buy or rent? Cash or mortgage? New or existing? Neighborhood A or neighborhood B (or C or Y or Z)? Three bedrooms or four? Or five? I could go on. The sheer volume of choices makes for a difficult night’s sleep, with plenty of time in the dark to reconsider each decision.

Fear of being taken advantage of. No one wants to look the fool. No one wants to find out later that the smooth-talking salesperson who coaxed a buyer into a compromise was actually a shyster. They trust you now, but will you still be there for them down the road?

Fear of the unknown. This might be the most disturbing and distressing concern of all. The issue is not whether the buyers have all the right answers. The real concern is that they don’t even know the right questions. So much of the purchase decision is a great mystery. Within this understandable ignorance lies a great deal of apprehension and, left unattended, these fears can lead to a cancellation.

What can you do about it?
If you feel this fears when you are trying to buy or looking for a house, don’t feel bad. It is common and normal to many individual. We are human and humans are emotional creatures making emotional decisions, we must also understand that emotions can be fleeting. As soon as the transaction takes place the emotions start to wane and we are left with our fears. But don’t worry, work with a trusted Realtor who can help you explain every thing and every step of the way of the transaction to get rid of the fear factor.

The decision to purchase a home is one of the most important choices you will make in your lifetime — of course there will be second-guessing. Evaluate your decision by taking input from Realtor. The evaluation time allows you the opportunity to further cement into the logical side of our brains the conviction that you have made a good choice. You have always have option period on home transactions if anything bad found in the house and you can safely withdraw out of the contract. Unnecessary Risk can be avoided and you don’t have to be worried about buying a home which you don’t feel like perfect fit.

In conclusion, it’s ok to feel uncomfortable and remorse while buying a home because it’s a big decision and lot of your hard money involved. It is expected otherwise you are not human. Because of that, don’t back out. Work with trusted Realtor who can help you make a smart educated decision to make you feel you are making the right decision and not taken for a ride.

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