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Buyer beware! Backyard puppymill scamming buyers with suspicious "sale"

Many of the dogs from this breeder had such matted coats, they had to be completely shaved
Many of the dogs from this breeder had such matted coats, they had to be completely shaved
photo by rescue volunteer

Warning! Local residents have discovered that an inhumane backyard breeder in Ragley is selling unhealthy dogs at a deep discount to unsuspecting buyers. Rescuers are especially worried about the safety of these dogs because this type of reckless selling only scatters these dogs among other greedy breeders who will continue to enslave the dogs, or the dogs will end up for sale online by "dog flippers" who get free or cheap dogs and then try to sell them for more money to make a profit. The Ragley backyard breeders were exposed in July 2013 after neighbors and concerned residents in Beauregard Parish reported horrific conditions at the property on Gimnick Rd in Ragley, LA. Dogs used for breeding have had no veterinary care, no vaccines, no valid AKC registration (as stated in current ad), and are in a state of ungroomed torture, living in a prison of matted hair soaked in their own urine, feces and parasites. Read more details about the cruel conditions that approximately 100 small dogs were living in here: Puppymill story 1 and Puppymill story 2. If you buy or receive dogs from this breeder, you will surely be walking away with a dog that requires expensive vet care just to get it healthy enough to enjoy life. Sadly, because of greed and a high demand for “designer breeds”, many of the dogs being sold from this breeder will end up in other breeders’ hands and their torture will continue. Or, the new immoral practice of “dog flipping” will be used as a way for buyers to “turn a profit” on the dogs they get at low prices from this Ragley breeder.

Here’s the scam: The current ad running in a local classifieds newspaper shows the breeder is deeply discounting dogs in a misleading way by offering “buy 1 dog, get multiple free”. This is basically a scam that many backyard breeders use to trick the public into thinking they are getting valuable dogs. By charging $450 and higher for 1 dog that the breeder sees as a “premium” dog, he tricks the buyer into thinking they are getting a $800 dog for only $450, then “rewarding” the buyer by letting them pick out bonus dogs for free. He is likely letting the buyer select the “free” dogs from older and sicker "stock" to clear them out in preparation to buy younger, healthier breeding dogs. We know for a fact that this breeder does not allow buyers to come to his home to pick out their own dog and that is the first “red flag” that this is an inhumane breeder. While the Beauregard Parish Sheriff, Rickey Moses, has refused to enforce basic state laws for mandatory rabies vaccines that could easily close down this backyard “puppymill”, local animal welfare advocates think the public deserves to know the truth.

Concerned animal advocates and Beauregard residents are begging the public to be part of the solution instead of the problem that is causing ongoing dog suffering at the hands of the Ragley breeders. How do we know this is a bad breeder? Read the articles referenced above and you will see the photos and information about the poor health that 27 of the dogs were in. The sheriff has not forced any consequences or requirements on this breeder and they have not downsized their numbers because they have been running "puppies/dogs for sale" ads since they were exposed, so the breeders do not care what rescuers think about them. Do not buy Maltese, Maltipoo, Yorkie, or Morkies from local breeders or anyone trying to sell these breeds who isn't a breeder. How do you stop puppymills and backyard breeders? You educate people and stop the flow of money to the breeders so please spread the word to your friends and family so we can stop people from contributing money to this inhumane problem. Also, you can contact the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-463-3281 or email and urge Sheriff Ricky Moses to enforce state cruelty laws and shut down this cruel breeder on Gimnick Rd in Ragley. You can also sign a petition to stop the Ragley puppy mill by clicking here: Petition