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Buyer Beware: A Guide To Buying Accessories For Your Consoles.

I was reminded after buying the fifth Xbox Live Headset, that it helps to be to careful and cautious with the kind of products you buy. The average gamer will burn through many a piece of hardware through the long years he or she plays. To reduce the constant wear and tear on your wallet, there are different ways of going about your purchasing. Some products may be more expensive but the money that was saved by “going cheap” will be used up with the ride back to the retailer (perhaps more than once), not to mention the irritation that follows. As an example, there are many positive things about buying the more expensive Nintendo or Sony brand controller. When you buy the more expensive brand, it is more likely to be compatible with your unit. If you buy a third party device, it may not work on your system at all. This may also hold true when shopping for data devices. During the major period of the Sony Playstation Two, the system gave you the option to play your old Playstation One games. If you had the Sony Brand memory card, you could play your old games again. There is a Konami series called Suikoden and it enabled you to move your data from game to game. Suikoden One and Two were for the Playstation One and Suikoden Three was for the Playstation Two. Having Sony brand hardware enabled you to make the data transfer. Another positive example is a USB cable that enabled the PSP-PS2-PS3 to communicate. If the product was not made properly, one or more of these things did not work.
To have longevity in your products, spend a little more and buy Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo brand products. They each have available tech support, warranties and replacement plans. The companies have available online and phone support and are very prompt with their response time. Like everything else, being patient and courteous will help speed the process along. If you are using the phone service, keep in mind that the process will take a long time because of their multitude of available options. If a product needs to be sent in, you want to have faith in the company and you must know that they know what they are doing. This is their job and a good company will want to please you in hopes of keeping your continued business. If you are unsure about where to obtain repair information, ask one of your knowledgeable friends or your local game store. The information about tech support can also be found on the companies website on the internet.


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