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Buyer Beware: 10 Men To Avoid in L.A

When it comes to finding an eligible bachelor in Los Angeles, it can sometimes be hard to decipher who’s datable and who’s not. So based on the guys I’ve dated over the past decade, I’ve made a list of 10 Players to AVOID.

1.The Stoner – You know the type, extremely good looking, creative, always thinks outside the box. He seems sensitive, but really he’s just high. Pros: he seems fun and interesting. Cons: He doesn’t understand that unlike him, you actually have to get up in the morning for work.

2.The “Agent” – The word “Agent” is in quotes because for some reason in L.A. every douche bag is an “agent”. Look if he doesn’t work for WME, CAA, or the Gersh Agency, he’s probably playing you in hopes to get you to take some questionable pictures… RUN!

3.The Gangbanger - Need I say more? You’ll probably get shot with and/or by him

4.The Drug Dealer – Does he have nice jewelry, a flamboyant car, always pays in cash (usually 1’s and 5’s)? Yeah, you probably have a drug dealer on your hands… Refer back to #3

5.The Club Promoter – Now if you’re under 21, this is a must have contact, but once you’re looking for something serious, stay clear of this guy. He has a legitimate excuse to meet, call, and “hang out” with beautiful women all hours of the night. Who needs the drama? CHEATER ALERT.

6.The DJ – He’s so hip and cool, that is until it’s time to pay for the date. Girl, unless he works for Power 106 or KISS FM he’s most likely broke. On top of that, he lives at the nightclub, so unless you want to spend your Valentine’s Night, watching him scratch a record from a far, NEXT!

7.The Personal Trainer – Is this really a job? Okay, so there’s the guy that works for Equinox, he’s probably legit but the guy who doesn’t even have a business card or references, back away, he’s just a perve.

8.The Actor – At first glance, he doesn’t seem too bad, but when you go onset and have to watch him stick his tongue down some attractive size 2’s throat you’ll start to question his sincerity. Let’s face it, men are already liars, the last thing you want is someone who’s good at it.

9.The Model – I know, I know – his abs! Yes, he’s totally hot, but unfortunately he knows it. He gets paid for it, and he’ll remind you of it every second of the day.

10.The Rapper – So there’s two types of Rappers out here. The wannabe and the up & comer. The wannabe isn’t that talented, he’s most likely a stoner, and unemployed. He just tells you he’s a rapper to appear interesting. Then there’s the up and comer. He’s actually a rapper, so he spends his nights in the studio surrounded by groupies willing to do anything to be in his first video. CHEATER ALERT. Also See #3 and #4

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