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Buyer and Seller advice to Realtors and Real Estate Agents

Great photos make all the difference.
Great photos make all the difference.
Dawn Gagnon Photography

There are many articles on the internet giving advice to the potential buyer and/or seller of a home. Many of the tips, staging and otherwise come from those who are in the business, realtors, and real estate agents etc. This is wonderful and useful in so many ways to help anyone move their property along. Where information online is sadly deficient, is in client suggestions and tips to realtors and real estate agents. Sure we know they're the experts, but have you not ever dealt with one, or say perused their inventory of listings and seen things you wish you could comment on? Well this article is designed to give the “experts” a few tips as well.

  1. Take a photography class, or at least learn how to use your camera properly. Many of the photos used in listings are taken by the agent, some by the homeowner as well. The problem is, many many times the photos are such poor quality that a potential buyer can't even determine what room they are looking at. Dark rooms with shades drawn, odd angles, awkward shots of closet doors, tell the buyer next to nothing about the property. Take time to make sure the home is well lit, if not use your flash.

  2. Advise the homeowner to clean their home and de-clutter before listing photos of the property. Most buyers look online first before they decide which house they want to see in person. If the home in the listings photos are not clean and too cluttered, a buyer will just move right on to the next.

  3. Get at least two pictures of each room at opposing angles. Many times, this gives a buyer some perspective about the space.

  4. Label your photos. It isn't always obvious what room is what. Large bedrooms can easily be mistaken for Living rooms in empty houses. A buyer likes to know what room is what.

  5. Don't be lazy! Too many homes are listed that do not have a single photo of the interior of the home. These get passed by quickly online. If an agent can't even be bothered with photographs, chances are they aren't going to work very hard for you. Photos of the exterior of the home tell a buyer nothing of the condition of the home inside. Most buyers don't want to waste their time making an appointment to see a home in person that is not their taste. There maybe different viewpoints by the agents on this, however, speaking as a buyer, there is nothing worse than to waste time looking at a home that is nothing like what you want or envision, and if you think you're going to sell us another house more suited to our liking, that may work, but it could also backfire and put a bad taste in our mouths.

  6. Be sure to get plenty of photos of the yard, front and back. Believe it or not, yards can be a deal breaker depending on the buyer. Landscaping is costly and privacy is always desirable. A buyer needs to see the front and back yards and sides of a home.

  7. Virtual tours are great. Take time to make them. Its appreciated.

  8. Know your property you're selling well. Make sure to have some understanding of property lines. It is important to the buyer because they may need to install a fence and knowing how much space they have in the yard is just as important as knowing the square footage of the home.

  9. Listen to the buyer and seller you're dealing with. Take time to learn all you can about the home they want, and the home they are selling.

  10. Communication is key. Always keep in close contact with the buyer and seller you're working with. They need to know you care about their concerns.

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