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Buy vintage to wear key fashion trends on a budget


Clothing at Casablanca  Photo: citysearch

In the past couple years vintage clothing has sort of lost its allure, primarily because finding true vintage at great prices has become increasingly difficult. Cincinnati has some great vintage clothing shops that offer incredible vintage finds at bargain prices. Vintage is a great way to capture the key looks of Fall and Winter in a unique way without paying designer prices.  

Casablanca Vintage is arguably the best vintage clothing store in the city.  Casablanca has two floors of crammed full of vintage goodies, one for sale and the other consisting of costumes for rent.  Customers need to sift through garments to find what they are looking for, but vintage sales guru "Hollywood" usually knows just by looking at his customers what will work best and can find items with ease. 

Some of Fall and Winter's best looks, such as lace blouses, suit jackets with poufed sleeves (with or without the addition of fur stoles tossed about the shoulders), stovepipe pants and statement necklaces can all be found at Casablanca.  Looking forward to Spring 2010, the baggy blazers, bright clutches, and yes, still more stovepipe pants (!), and bright lucite necklaces can be found at Casablanca.  The best thing about buying these items vintage is that the look is in keeping with the trend, yet totally unique - a 1960s statement necklace that has come back in fashion now isn't likely to be spotted on twenty other people in town.

Buying tips:  The associates at Casablanca will usually haggle over prices and combine items for a lower price, but willingness to bargain and bargain well is a necessity.  Also, it helps to have some idea about what look you want to walk out of the store with; this makes shopping easier, because the store is loaded with fabulous finds. That said, a fashion lover can enjoy getting lost in Casablanca Vintage for hours just browsing.

For more info:  Casablanca Vintage is located on 3944 Spring Grove Avenue in Cincinnati.  You can obtain directions here.