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Buy car parts, collectibles, and more at Dale Wilch's Man Cave Wednesday nights

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If you look around at some of Kansas City’s vintage architecture, you’re probably noticed that many of the buildings, walls, and structures are constructed of limestone. That’s because there are tons of limestone deposits around here, and it makes a cheap, durable, and beautiful construction material.

Obviously, to get to the limestone, they had to mine for it underground. And an interesting side effect of that mining is that Kansas City now has a huge underground cave system. Most of these caves were carved out in such a way that now retail businesses are able to set-up shop in the strangely comforting, almost surreal lair that limestone mining left behind.

One of those caves is of particular interest to car aficionados. Every Wednesday night, an automotive swap meet takes place in the Downtown Underground business park near the Fox 4 Television studios. Traverse the eerily painted white walls and you will be greeted with 15,000-sq/ft of vendor space at the end of the maze. Known as Dale Wilch’s Man Cave, this weekly event is one of the best-kept secrets in Kansas City.

A wide range of automotive vendors show up in the Man Cave to sell everything from car parts to vintage automotive magazines. The variety of merchandise will surprise you.

One vendor space had a big collection of Hot Wheels cars for sale. Another was loaded up with late-model grilles. And another was stocked-up on race car parts. You never really knew what you were going to see from one aisle to the next. There were even a few cars there waiting for new owners to whisk them away.

There were lots of hubcaps and wheels, license plates, and old Cushman three-wheeled service truck, some pretty yellow leather Cadillac seats, a Corvette, a GTO, and a ’57 Chevy. And even if you can’t find exactly the parts you’re looking for for your vehicle, it’s still fun to just look around.

Dale Wilch also hosts a “bid what you’ll pay” consignment auction, where you can make an offer on a variety of cherry-picked items, and perhaps walk away with some good stuff cheap. These items can be previewed and bid upon in advance of the Wednesday swap meet event by checking out the Man Cave Facebook page.

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