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Buy an inch of Detroit: Install your own landmark

And that square inch will be part of a larger landmark that will take on an identity all its own. Jerry Paffendorf, self-described artist, futurist, and swell guy, had the small-big idea to create a one million square inch grid of land in the city of Detroit. “Inch-”vestors purchase land for one dollar per square inch and receive an inch-deed, and are connected to a growing organization of web development, project management, illustrators, physical archi-tecting of the space, promotional support, and fund-raising.

He calls it LOVELAND.

The reward for a pledge of $1,001 or more is that you will best the biggest inch-vestor to-date by...$1. Regardless of landholder status, owners will actually own the property and are encouraged to “create” on them physically. The building or installations can be done in person at the site, or by asking someone local to do so (as there are inch-vestors from all around the world). Another option will be to develop your plat on the interactive online map for a virtual experience.

The first iteration, or season 1 as he calls it, is a 10,000 square inch micro real estate property, now fully occupied by 588 inch-vestors. Paffendorf is excited to see what people will do with their lots – he has some ideas and some clues about what owners are planning. Paffendorf says on his kickstarter blog, LOVELAND: Crowd Create a City on a Million Inches in Detroit!  that the magic will occur with how people create their lots and in the not knowing what will happen. He writes, “It's an adventure, it's a story, it's a good time, and we hope it blossoms into something amazing.”

LOVELAND is a work in progress.

Heading in to season 2 this spring, Paffendorf is continuing the effort to raise “money, belief, and creative energy from a community to move forward, execute, and make it real.” With respect to these hurdles there is a chance that LOVELAND may never physically exist. The inch-vestors understand that a “spiritual ownership” and the virtual mockup may be the ultimate expression of the project.

For more information:

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