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Buy a One of a Kind Ram Power Wagon – Help Stop Homelessness

A Superman themed Power Wagon designed for the Man of Steel.
A Superman themed Power Wagon designed for the Man of Steel.
Image courtesy of the Chrysler Group

Chrysler’s Ram Brand teamed up with the makers of the Superman Man of Steel movie in 2013 to create a truly one of a kind Ram 2500 Power Wagon. That truck was used for publicity opportunities around the country, with the most prominent appearance being the red carpet debut of Man of Steel in New York City and now that the Superman themed Ram has finished its duties as a public attraction – it is being auctioned off for charity.

Superman is one of the most unstoppable men in the comic book world so it is only fitting that he would drive a Ram 2500 Power Wagon – one of the most unstoppable trucks in the automotive world. Of course, Superman wears his flashy blue and red outfit because a proper superhero should stand out while doing good and, in fitting fashion, the Man of Steel Ram Power Wagon wears an interior and exterior design that is inspired by Superman’s look.

On the outside, this 2013 Ram 2500 Power Wagon wears a Superman themed two tone paint job with metallic blue on top and black along the bottom, joined by red trim on the hood, in the grille and on the tow hooks and winch hook. Next, the big chrome Ram badges on the grille and on the tailgate have been removed to make room for even bigger chrome Superman logos while smaller Superman badges on the doors assure that anyone looking at this truck – from any side – knows that this is the Man of Steel Ram. The exterior is finished off with a set of bold, black 17 inch alloy wheels wrapped in heavy duty offroad tires that look awesome and allow this truck to ford almost any road (or trail) hazards.

On the inside, the Man of Steel Ram 2500 Power Wagon wears a unique upholstery layout with two tone seats and an embroidered Superman logo in red on the seatbacks. That embroidered Superman logo is also found on the center arm rest while the Man of Steel logo is found on the chrome dash trim piece and on the infotainment screen upon start up.

This truck is currently listed on the auction site and although it has an estimated value of over $112,000, the current leading bid is just $47,500. The 2013 Ram 2500 Power Wagon has an MSRP in the $47,000 range so right now, whoever made that leading bid is barely paying MSRP for a “normal” Ram 2500 Power Wagon while getting all of the upgrades for free. However, with 7 days left in the bidding process, it is likely that the bidding could heat up as we get closer to the end of the auction.

The proceeds of the Man of Steel Ram 2500 Power Wagon auction will go to benefit the LA Family Housing program. This charity group maintains properties around Los Angeles that provide both temporary and permanent housing to homeless families in the City of Angels – while also providing educational programs for both adults and kids, financial counseling, job training and other services that can help a homeless family get back on their feet.

Click here to head to the Charity Buzz auction site for a closer look at the Man of Steel Ram Power Wagon – or to place your bid on this unique heavy duty pickup.

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