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Buy a Ford and get a shotgun

2014 Super Duty F-Series truck.
2014 Super Duty F-Series truck.
Yahoo Images/file photo

In an effort to boost sales following a dismal season due to the “winter that just won’t quit,” Muscatell Burns Ford in Hawley, MN, has come up with a “sure fire” sales promotion; offering customers the chance to get a $350 voucher for a shotgun with every purchase of a Ford pickup truck. However, the dealership isn't just handing a gun to customers as they drive away.

According to sales manager, the voucher “is represents the value of a Remington 870 Express shotgun, which retails for between $350 and $650, depending on the options, and can be redeemed at a sporting goods store in nearby Fargo, N.D. A background check will still be required before any guns are sold.

Jalbert told local radio station KFGO that trucks sales account for about 90% business of his business.

"A lot of the employees are outdoorsmen and a lot of our customers' conversations revolve around that," Jalbert said. "It's been tremendously cold up here, with a long stretch of well below zero. But, we've done a year-over-year gain. And we certainly anticipate that strength to continue through 2014, especially with the launch of the all-new F-150."