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Buy a better Chicago souvenir: Go to Transit Tees in Wicker Park

Unique Chicago wares for tourists and residents alike!
Unique Chicago wares for tourists and residents alike!
Transit Tees

What better way to remember a vacation than a great souvenir? There are always the usual suspects: snow globes, key chains, baggy t-shirts, and assorted tchotchkes that end up as clutter. A better alternative is clothing and home goods that fit, are stylish, and unique.

Transit Tees (1371 N Milwaukee Ave, 773-227-1810), is beloved by Chicagoans and visitors alike. The flagship store is open until 8 p.m. every day except Sunday when it closes at 6 p.m. A new addition to the Wicker Park scene, it showcases all sorts of creative Chicago-inspired ware. The business was founded in 2001 and gained serious momentum once the Chicago Transit Authority, which inspires its name and many designs, named it an official manufacturer.

There are designs for everyone’s favorite train stop and interpretations of the famous rainbow-hued transit map. For those into Chicago sports, designs for all Chicago teams are available in sizes for adults and children alike. Expect whichever teams are doing best to take center stage. Or perhaps the simplicity of the Chicago flag is the winner: Transit Tees can not only explain the design but offers many options with the familiar grouping of red stars.

Love Chicago but not planning a visit anytime soon? Visit the shop online or on Etsy.