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Buxom releases 100 shades of Full-On Lip Polish

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Choosing your favorite lipstick shade is hard enough but having to choose from 100 different shades? That'll be darn near impossible! But Buxom believes in giving you the full spectrum when it comes to lip polish which is why they've introduced recently 100 shades of their Buxom Full-On Lip Polish.

Are you a pink lady? Or a vixen red? No matter! With Buxom Full-On Lip Polish you're sure to find you're perfect shade (and then some) of this sheer high shine lip polish. With a gentle plumping effect for fuller lips and its nourishing effect due to the Vitamins A and E this is one lip polish that will keep you coming back for more.

The following 100 shades are now available:

Dominique: Glittering ice

Emma: Opulent pearl

Amanda: Crushed diamonds

Alyssa: Shimmering cloud

Erica: Cotton candy pink

Katie: Pink lemonade

Celeste: Prismatic soft peach

Sandy: Almost naked

Alexis: Posh princess pink

Abigail: Vanilla crème

Emily: Pink chiffon

Princess: Shimmering stardust

Bunny: Fresh peach nectar

Amber: Soft shimmering peach

Leslie: Pearlescent peach

Lindsey: Butterscotch bliss

Andrea: Glimmering dune

Allison: Brilliant bluff

Katherine: Sunkist shell

Samantha: Seductive nude

Katherine: Sparkling bubblegum

April: Glimmering icy pink

Dani: Berry pink

Elizabeth: Raspberry sorbet

Karen: Confetti pink

Kayla: Preppy pink

Julie: Juicy watermelon

Olivia: Pink disco

Kelly: Flashy neon pink

Patricia: Vibrant fuchsia

Sophia: Sweetheart pink

Christina: Chilled violet pink

Lauren: Punk rock pink

Leah: Champagne pink

Ella: Party girl pink

Mia: Glam guava

Kristen: Pink whisper

Stephanie: Deep rose luster

Chloe: Dollface pink

Brooke: Sunburnt rose

Trixie: 24 karat pink

Destiny: Peach carnation

Lily: Peachy pink

Tammy: Peach bellini

Courtney: Cool succulent rose

Caroline: Heirloom pink

Debbie: Coral pink

Nancy: Snapdragon pink

Kanani: Strawberry pop

Tonya: Malibu pink

Evelyn: Boysenberry pink

Ava: Berry smoothie

Brandi: Shimmering deep rose

Starr: Brandy cordial

Clair: Starry plum craze

Tiffany: Cherry cola

Taylor: Crimson flame

Hannah: Golden cranberry

Natalie: Candy apple red

Nicole: Shimmering strawberry

Jessica: Alluring azalea

Peyton: Modern mauve

Shannon: Moonlit lavender

Erin: Blushing lavender

Rachel: Vivacious purple

Jill: Magenta tease

Michelle: Fruit punch

Stacy: Vivid violet

Jennifer: Flirty fuchsia

Brianna: Radiant orchid

Sarah: Ginger glimmer

Victoria: Jeweled mauve

Jasmine: Black cherry

Vanessa: Lavish mulberry

Gabby: Magnetic mauve

Dolly: Shimmering sultry mauve

Heather: Spiced merlot

Isabella: Perfectly plum

Zoe: Dazzling orchid

Jane: Huckleberry jam

Jacqueline: Bronzed delight

Grace: Wild rosewood

Hailey: Lush fig

Sarina: Chocolate sparkle

Lisa: Bronze glow

Margaret: Mocha rapture

Mary: Creme brulee

Maria: Cinnamon stick

Anna: Sugared peach

Angela: Frostbitten rose

Melanie: Cafe au lait

Rebecca: Golden glitz

Ashley: Gilded sand

Melissa: Sugar and Spice

Amy: Golden nude

Megan: Caramel dream

Sugar: Pink truffle

Maddy: Warm toffee

Brittany: Suede rose

Cassandra: Pink-beige shimmer

Now that's a lot to choose from!

The Buxom Full-On Lip Polish is available at Sephora stores and online with a price point of $19 each. Locally, Sephora is located inside Eastland Mall on Green River Rd in Evansville, IN. Visit to find a Sephora nearest you.

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