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Buttocks impaled: Woman learns texting and driving pain is a pain in the butt

A woman whose buttocks were impaled – run through by a guardrail pole – received her lesson like a swift kick in the butt. While texting and driving last week, a Colorado woman crashed her car, sheared off a pole, and ended up with a three-foot shaft impaled through her butt and thigh.

Writes USA Today: “Christina Jahnz says she was in the parking lot of Elizabeth Middle School on Wednesday morning to deliver her daughter's saxophone, which had been left at home. As she was driving away from the school, Jahnz started texting her friend.”

Recounts the multitasking Jahnz: “I was running late for a business meeting, so I did a voice text. I looked down to make sure it was all right. The next thing I knew, I was looking up, there was white powder from the air bags deployed.”

When the lucky-to-be-alive mom looked down, she realized that a busted guardrail pole had pierced through her truck and ended up inside of her. Firefighters called to the scene used a saw to cut the pole off at each end before they could extricate her. She was taken to Parker Adventist Hospital for a four day and multiple stitch-up stay, but was released Sunday.

Jahnz says she was only going 20 mph; even at that low rate of speed, her brief distraction almost cost her life.

“I went into surgery and I lost count of the stitches after 40. They stitched me up inside too. I'm truly a miracle. They said if it gone just a little bit the other way I would have bled out,” Jahnz said. “It's devastating knowing that I could have prevented it to begin with. I just hope my story helps to save the lives of others. Don't text and drive.”

According to, the official government website for distracted driving, in 2012, over 3,300 people were killed in distracted driving crashes. Seventy one percent of young people say they have composed a text message while driving; 78 percent say they have read one.

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