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Butterfly Wonderland

butterfly wonderland
butterfly wonderland
will sanders

Today we visited a new attraction in the Valley. This is the Butterfly Wonderland which is located just east of the 101 at Via de Ventura in Scottsdale. Supposedly this is America’s largest butterfly atrium. All I know is they have more butterflies fluttering around than you can shake a stick at. Red ones, blue ones, yellow ones; pick a color and there is a butterfly that matches it. The atrium is set up like a rain forest with all kinds of flowering plants and butterfly feeders. Don’t be surprised if a few of them land on you and hitch a ride. Hint: wear a bright colored shirt with a floral design. Butterflies seem to be attracted and this will increase the chance of butterflies lighting on you.) Before you get into the atrium there is a room full of racks of butterflies emerging from their cocoons (chrysalis). This is just a preview of what you will encounter inside the actual atrium.
They also have a 3D theater showing Monarch butterflies and their migration experiences. Did you know they only lay their eggs on milkweed? The last generation of them of the season are super Monarchs which live much longer than normal ones. These super Monarchs make the return trip south to a region in Mexico where the Monarchs spend the winter.
After experiencing thousands of brilliant butterflies in the atrium, visitors can also see a live ant colony and a honey bee hive and a small aquarium. There is also a gift shop featuring mostly butterfly related items and a café. This is a great place to bring the whole family.
Will was here 11/10/13