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Butterfish quotas reallocted for the year

The butterfish discard cap in for the Northeastern fisheries has been changed, effective this month. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) announced that it is amending Framework 8. The butterfish cap per trimester is usually the same as for longfin squid. But after a public comment period, NMFS closes fishing when 95 percent of the trimester quota has been caught.

NMFS received only one comment during a public comment period and the commenter agreed with the suggestion. The allocations consist of 43 percent in Trimester I (January to April), 17 percent in Trimester II (May to August), and 40 percent in Trimester III (September to December). If you have questions, call Aja Szumylo, fishery policy analyst, 978-281-9195.

The initial allocation gave Trimester 1 a total of 65 percent and Trimester 2 only 3.3 percent and Trimester 3 got 31.7 percent. NOAA could further adjust quotas if catch justifies it. No new reporting requirements are involved.

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