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Butterfinger Cups Super Bowl ad, selling sex toys or candy? Video here

The new Butterfinger Cups product launches with a Super Bowl ad that has edible couples seeking the advice from what appears to be a food sex therapist. This very suggestive and “raunchy” ad probably misses the mark for making folks want to try this new Butterfinger product.

Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Super Bowl Ad called "raunchy"
YouTube screen shot

The ad is "raunchy," according to the Huffington Post on Jan. 14, and it is Super Bowl bound. The Super Bowl which airs on Feb. 2 this year, is probably the most popular venue for launching new products. It's hard to see where folks will rush out for one of these new products as the ad isn't enticing when it comes to eating candy.

Check out the ad above in the video. Is it too much for selling candy?

The Butterfinger people mixed their product with peanut butter for a new twist on Bart Simpson’s main staple. The commercial has couples sitting around a medical-type waiting room. There’s a man called “Fish,” with his wife “Chips” and a few other food-pairing couples.

In comes “Peanut Butter” and "Chocolate" and they are acting as if they are on the brink of foreplay. They are looking at a magazine and it opens up to a centerfold and they start getting breathy about the “crunchy” it offers on that page.

The kicker is when “Cheese” and “Cracker” come out of the office from seeing the doctor and the wife, “Cheese,” is holding a hard salami and almost panting. She was happy to get something new added to dull “Cheese” and “Crackers.”

The commercial is selling candy. It is about as risque as the Trojan vibrator commercial where everyone’s hair is blown back. It might be appropriate for a sex lotion or another vibrator commercial, but it’s not very appetizing for candy.

You can't help but picture what “Cheese” and “Cracker” are going to do with that salami when they get home and you’ve lost your appetite.

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