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Butterfinger Cups arriving in peanut butter cups: Super Bowl ad whets appetite

Butterfinger Cups will soon be arriving in a new form for sugar lovers: peanut butter cups, a tasty dessert that was introduced this week in a fresh Super Bowl teaser ad. This new flavor might be giving Reese’s Pieces a run for their money while whetting the appetite of all those with a sweet tooth who enjoy a tasty, peanut buttery snack. The Inquisitr describes what’s new with this latest Nestle creation this Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014.

Butterfinger Cups arriving in peanut butter cups: Super Bowl ad whets appetite
YouTube Media Shot, The Inqusitir

These Butterfinger Cups are made by the popular enthusiasts at Nestle, who are working hard to share this new flavor to a variety of consumers, and what better way to do so than through a Super Bowl ad campaign? Apparently, the makers are intent on bringing all those with a love of peanut butter cups something new to try instead of Reese’s, which currently still stands as a market leader. Those who watch the Super Bowl are likely aware that bigger companies strive to launch their best new products during the major football event each year because it is live, always discussed, and a great (if expensive) way to advertise.

While a majority of advertisers often decide to keep what they intend to share on Super Bowl mania day hidden until the actual game commercials, Nestle is one that took a different road in sharing a brief teaser of the Butterfinger Cups advertisement, all in order to whet consumers’ appetites and make waves among sugar lovers across the U.S.

Brand Manager for Butterfinger, Jeremy Vandervoet, said in a recent statement: “You need to open up as much awareness (for a new arriving product) and what better way to do that than with a Super Bowl ad!”

He added that the new flavor has been in the making for well over two years now, and its advertising campaign for the peanut butter addition at the Super Bowl is a brand new venture for the successful company.

The trailer itself for the Butterfinger Cups is quite clever, revealing people sitting and waiting in a room that’s seemingly designed for food therapy sessions. The men and women have a number of “cravings” on their shirts they are getting help for, ranging from chocolate to peanut butter.

What do you think of the new cups? Are you excited to try this latest Butterfinger creation when it arrives and hits shelves?

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