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Butterfinger celebrating 90-ish anniversary

90 years of Butterfinger flashbacks
90 years of Butterfinger flashbacks

Happy birthday Butterfinger! The crispy, crunchy, buttery (Keep it coming, Butterfinger!) candy bar is turning the big 9-0ish! And they're celebrating 90 plus years of deliciousness by announcing their latest celebrity spokesperson sometime dangerously soon! Oh, Butterfinger - mysterious as ever.

So, before the new celebrity spokesperson takes reign over the coolest treat on Earth, here's a look back at some of Butterfinger’s most well-known spokespeople and their tastiest Butterfinger quotes. Very fun fact: A new poll found that Bart Simpson is ranked the favorite spokesperson in Butterfinger history. Mmm!

Lou Ferrigno: I grew up eating Butterfingers. I go for a sweet treat like a Butterfinger. Not this low fat, no sugar stuff. I want the real thing, the real chocolate, the real taste.

Adam West: I remember eating Butterfingers as a kid. If you get an itch for a sweet, why not a Butterfinger? I'm the world's greatest collector of Butterfingers and will do anything to anybody to get a Butterfinger. Be very careful because if you're could be grievously surprised.

Jaime Pressly: Butterfingers are my favorite. Peanut butter and chocolate with a crunch – can’t go wrong.

Seth Green: My job is to represent the Butterfinger brand and spread goodwill across the world. I like the bite sized Butterfingers.

Erik Estrada, when asked what he’d do if a vampire tried to swipe his Butterfinger: I'd say, "Freak, suck on a Butterfinger instead of my neck."

Charisma Carpenter: Butterfingers are so crispity and crunchity! If someone tried to swipe my Butterfinger, I'd stick my hands on them and fight.


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