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Butterballs recalled by L.M. Noodle Company due to allergens

Food allergies can be a big problem which at times can even lead to death. Therefore, food recalls due to allergens should be taken very seriously. L.M. Noodle Company has recalled butterballs due to allergens,
reported Food Poisoning Bulletin on January 9, 2014. Food Poisoning Bulletin is a Google news source for consumers in order to alert them to food recalls, food poisoning outbreaks and food safety news.

 Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg speaking during a White House briefing.
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L.M. Noodle Company of Colorado has issued a recall for Marlyce’s Butterballs due to the finding that they contain undeclared wheat flour, soy flour, whey, and milk. People who have an allergy to wheat, soy, and/or milk are at risk of having a serious or life-threatening reaction if they eat this product. Fortunately, as of this time there have been no reported illnesses from this product.

L.M. Noodle Company has issued an allergy alert on undeclared wheat flour, soy flour whey and milk in
butterballs, reports the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The butterballs which were recalled were distributed in 2 Wyoming stores, 5 Nebraska stores and 5 Colorado stores. The butterballs are made from bread crumbs, cream, butter, eggs, allspice and salt which is rolled in to a ball and cooked in soup. There are twelve butterballs frozen in a clear plastic bag with black lettering on a white label and the upc 094219-21708.

An FDA inspection picked up the undeclared allergens which lead to the recall. The product has since been relabeled in the warehouse as well as the retail stores. The allergens are listed in the lower left hand corner of the label. It is advised that consumers who have purchased butterballs with the undeclared allergens return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. The firm can be called about this recall at 970-371-3845 after 3:00pm Monday through Friday.

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