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Butte dogs stolen from owner's yard and shot in head: Random act of cruelty

No reasons have been given someone would steal and shoot two friendly dogs
No reasons have been given someone would steal and shoot two friendly dogs
Butte Law Enforcement FB

Butte-Silver Bow Sheriff Ed Lester has no idea why some unknown culprit stole two extremely friendly dogs from their home on the 4400 block of Western Boulevard in Butte, Mont. and shot them in their heads reported the

One dog was found dead, and the other dog miraculously survived as veterinarians removed the fragments of two gunshot wounds from the dog's head.

On Sunday, Lindsay Cannon, called authorities after she discovered her two-year-old Walker hound named Willow and her three-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever named Nala, were missing from the three-acre yard where they had been left earlier in the day. Both dogs wore containment collars and identification tags, which is a wireless fence system that sets boundaries for dogs by emitting a harmless shock, when the dogs leave the assigned area. In a statement from Lindsay's mother, there were no reasons for anyone to harm the dogs:

“They were both very well trained and very friendly so they would have excitedly jumped into the vehicle of this evil trespasser, thinking he was taking them for a ride, since they both loved to do that. Nala and Willow couldn’t have known that they were being driven to the Bernice area north of Butte to be killed.”

The same day a couple who had been walking along the road in the Bernice area and found Nala wandering. The dog Nala led the couple right to her bonded companion dog Willow, who sadly was already dead.

The collars and identifying tags had been removed from both dogs, and the couple used social media and Facebook to find the owners. A firestorm of anger has swept through Facebook about the heinous act of cruelty. The public is being asked to help if they have any knowledge of this crime to call 406.497.1120.

The guilty party could face felony theft charges for stealing the dogs and misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

Rest in peace Willow.

On Thursday, Nala was reunited with her family and recovering.

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