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Butt like her: Kim Kardashian's fit secrets

Jen & Kim in a scene from "Fit in Your Jeans By Friday."
Jen & Kim in a scene from "Fit in Your Jeans By Friday."
Fit in Your Jeans By Friday DVD

Hot booty girls like Kim Kardashian are proving it’s cool to embrace your curves and at the same time promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

Want a butt like her?

ExerciseTV trainer Jen Galardi is the trainer that did the “Fit in Your Jeans By Friday” workout DVD with Kim, and now she’s sharing her pro tips right here!

The secret to a poppin’ behind? “There is no way around it,” Jen says, “you must put effort in if you want that stunning rear view! I’m a fan of multi-directional lunges, especially the reverse lunges! You can always add hand weights or a body bar across the shoulders for additional challenge and weight.”

If you’re not a fan of the gym, “You can do plies, anywhere,” she suggests. “At home, in the elevator, at the doctor’s office; the possibilities are really endless.”

You can download her workouts at ExerciseTV for Jen’s ballet-inspired moves, too.

“After working with Kim Kardashian, it’s easy to see why people want a booty like hers,” Jen professes. “That girl is TINY with an amazing backside and now an amazing body to go with it. Kim had realistic goals. She worked with what her momma gave her, and while she definitely has become toned and tightened, she still maintains her beautiful feminine shape.”

That’s key. Kim breaks the “stick thin” Hollywood mold, so nobody should have to try to mold themselves after her. Be real, be yourself!

“You can definitely can go from flab to fabulous, but be realistic,” Jen adds. “Everybody is born with a particular body shape and bone structure. The key is to embrace your body, work towards a goal that suits YOU and only you, and to find happiness in a fit and healthy body. Self confidence is the best ass-et a woman can own. And it doesn’t cost a dime.”

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