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Butler on the Move to the Atlantic-10 on Tuesday?

Indianapolis (IN) - Speculation has continued to run rampant about Butler's potential move to the Atlantic-10, however nothing has been confirmed or denied by the Butler athletic department, the Atlantic-10 conference, or the Horizon League.

The first suspected announcement date comes tomorrow as Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University, along with Butler, were speculated to be announcing on May 1st by New York Post columnist Lenn Robbins.

On April 20th, Robbins tweeted, "George Mason and VCU to the A10 on May 1st...probably Butler...the Post has learned."

The tweet by Robbins helped keep the Butler to Atlantic-10 discussion alive. The discussion had become a hot topic during the 2012 Final Four in Atlanta.

Late in March, Duquense president Charles Dougherty, while discussing the firing of coach Ron Everhart, made the claim that the Atlantic-10 was on the verge of adding "new high quality university programs."

A few other sources have corroborated the interest in the Atlantic-10.

Butler could be looking for a more powerful conference to make their enterance into the NCAA tournament more likely. The Horizon League rarely receives more than one bid to the tournament, while the Atlantic-10 regularly receives three or more bids.

Negatives to the move include a potential increase in travel budget for the entire athletic department.

Only time will tell if Butler makes the leap to the most high profile non-power conference in college basketball.

Tomorrow could certainly be interesting.


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