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Busy Santa: last minute gifts that will get there on time


We all did it. Waiting and procrastinating our christmas shopping, terrified by the crowded malls and exhausting traffic. But finding good gifts doesn't have to be so painful and time consuming. There are wonderful websites that will ship your goodies over night for free. Not only you will get them the next day but if it doesn't work, for some reason, you can return them for free and you have 365 days to do it!  Yes, you read it right 365 days. So no sweating over 30 day (or less) deadline, you can enjoy your holiday and worry about stopping by the post office later. One of those miracle places is ZAPPOS. Their services are absolutely spectacular. Fast, precise and reliable. Not to mention the variety of products from shoes, clothes, accessories to beauty products. So if you are still lost and empty handed here are few ideas for your last minute gifts that are few clicks away from your doorsteps: 

  1. Ugg slippers for men and women (alway good to keep your feet warm and cozy)
  2. Designer scarfs  for ladies and fancy ties for the boys.
  3. Cute jewelry for your princess if you want to be a trendy and generous Santa 
  4. Cool hats for the hip ones (fedoras are IN these days)
  5. and many many more!

Good luck to all the late blooming gift givers everywhere!